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New Blockchain Project - Looking for Potential Members / Idea explained within!

(disclaimer, I checked that this post was not against the sub-reddit rules. Please forgive me and accept a satoshi as a bribe if I've contravened any our your laws. I've also posted this to /altcoin)
I know there's going to be a fair degree of skepticism about this post. I've got zero reputation and history on this sub-reddit.
But I hope you continue reading and judge the posting on it's own merits.
For what it's worth, I am going to reward your perseverance with something a little different. Instead of blowing smoke up your arses, I'm going to try and be brutally honest with you guys.
You won't hear anything about how I've come up with a new "Proof Of Stake" based decentralised blockchain with "synergy increasing" smart contracts baked in. If the idea is too complex to describe, then we can also conclude that a) it's too complex to catch on (right now) and b) too complex to execute (build). I'm not in the business of selling people fantasies.
I'm not going to lie to you about my experience, the connections I have or the investment partners we've lined up. What I can promise you is that I have a 10 year track history of developing (I'm a programmer) and launching web projects on minimal budgets. I have a great contact book but I also know how to hustle and get the attention of the right people. My reputation is based on simply getting the job done. Obviously you have no way of judging this since this is our initial introduction, so I accept the onus is on me to prove this
First of all, so that I don't waste anyone's time. Here is the idea is a 3 minute elevator pitch style.
PROJECT NAME I don't have one. I'm terrible with naming stuff. I always say it's lucky my dog already had a name when I bought her. My future children won't be so lucky.
CONCEPT Now this I do have. In a nutshell, "Coin" is a a real time investment platform. It connects entrepreneurs with a new source of finance when traditional forms (Angel/VC/Banks) fail. It consists of
(a) A front-end application which helps entrepreneurs put together business proposal / financials plans to seek funding from the platform.
(b) A web-site to facilitate exploration of the investment proposals from investors/general public
(c) A live weekly show in the form of Dragon's Den / Shark Tank - Delivered on the web in real time - Panel formed from a varying set of prominent investors and characters - 10 min speed sessions for the teams to pitch the investors for funding - Teams for pitching selected via voting from application pool by general public - Investors drop out visually during the pitch if they are not impressed. - At the end of the pitch, 1-2 mins lightning round for general public to pile in to help team match their required funding - Teams meet the objective, or go home bust.
Deals can happen on the platform outside the weekly show, but the democracy of allowing the general public to get in on the same investments as the panel is an interesting feature.
In a nutshell, we're creating a real-time version of AngelList and bolting on an entertainment programme.
WHY? Cryptocurrency is exciting. Money can be transferred instantly (globally) with minimal fees. A kid in a Tanzanian village with a mobile can trade with a Chinese man in Dahlia. Ordinary people like me and you have the potential to earn life altering sums of money. This is amazing... but it's going to take the world a while to catch up.
You and I wouldn't be subscribed to this forum if we didn't think that Bitcoin or some derivative cryptocurrency will eventually become a global currency for our world.
But it's going to take legislation, process making and debating. It's also going to take a lot of explaining to grandmother and a good ten-fifteen years before we see our vision realised. In the meantime we have our ICOs, ambitious blockchain projects with a spring in their step... rushing out to bamboozle us with their white papers.
Let's take a look at some of these projects:
Actually this is a fruitless task, we both know that the majority of the new projects ar either slightly innovating the blockchain technology, bridging each other or creating another layer of framework.
You might well imagine that the future is advertisors paying users and that OMG will definitely be a $100 coin by the end of the year... but that doesn't excuse the fact that there's very little to be excited about with real day-to-day usage of Crypto.
And here's the problem, people hold onto their coins because right now the only real exciting utility of that coin is speculating it might be worth a little more a few months down the line!
Where's the excitement and anarchy in HODLing? Where's that tantalizing hope that with a good idea, a bit of canny and a lot of hard work you can become rich?
What Coin Offers
If you are an investor. You put your money into our platform when the the market is too volatile, or you want a better return.
If you're a entreprenuer, you get a chance to get your project funded, it's a quick decision - you're not waiting for months for VCs to pull their fingers out of their collective arses. You get the chance to market your concept to a HUGE potential market of investors.
If you're a media publicity / cryptotycoon, you get instant exposure and gravitas for being part of the panel.
For the rest of us, it brings excitement and that "frontier opportunity" feel that we sometimes get with cryptocurrency. This is a brave new world!
If you want more details, I'm writing a better explanation of this concept but for obvious reasons this is as much as I'm going to divulge about the idea on a public forum!
What we need
We only need a small team to pull this off.
designer - Communicating ideas is critical and it would make a huge difference to have someone who has the flair and creativity to put together what we need. I need a designer with intelligence and creativity flowing out of every orifice - is that you?
developers - Now I don't want to intimate devs because I do have my own technical chops. But I'm not going to write every line of code in this project. I'm going to create the perfect environment for you (laptop, salary, a great team etc) and inspire you to do amazing stuff. Does that sound cool?
marketing / general project manager - I need someone with experience launching and creating ICOs. From sig campaigns, bounties to the intricate info, that only someone with months of exposure to the scene can bring to the table. Are you that guy?
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