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The ultimate solution for ETX community democracy: DPOS+POW

The ultimate solution for ETX community democracy: DPOS+POW
If you know nothing about blockchain, then before you read this article, we need to understand several related concepts. What is DPOS? What is POW? What is DAO?
Please spend a few minutes to learn about ETX (Ethereumx·NET) exclusive solutions with the above questions.
DPOS, Delegated Proof of Stake. Before understanding DPOS, we need to first understand POS: Proof of Stake. In the PoS consensus, people use proof of property to "mining", that is to say, this is something anyone can participate in, as long as If you hold coins, you can participate in mining.
Almost all the coins of the POS proof mechanism have lost their market position. At least so far, the former king of POS PPCoin and Nextcoin are gradually faded out of people's vision.
Why is the POS mechanism rejected by the market?
I believe that the reason why POS is not recognized by the market is that its essence is 'capitalism' and it will inevitably become more and more centralized. The PoS mechanism is guaranteed by the shareholders themselves, and the working principle is the binding of interests. In this mode, people who do not hold PoS cannot pose a threat to PoS. The security of PoS depends on the holder and has nothing to do with any other factors. In the POS mechanism, nodes with more coins have higher power to generate new blocks. Although POS solves the energy consumption problem of POW, full node confirmation will make it impossible to improve the efficiency of block confirmation, and the longer the time, the easier it is to produce the Matthew effect*, that is, the more people who hold the coins will get it. More currency rewards will increase the gap between the rich and the poor. Eventually, more than 50% of the centralized nodes will be generated, passively evolving into unexpected centralized results.
What are the advantages and disadvantages of DPOS?
After querying related literature and EOS related mechanisms, we concluded that DPOS has the following advantages:
  1. Reduced accounting nodes, faster transaction speed, EOS claims to be up to million TPS;
  2. More safe, generally, chain forks will not occur and are irreversible, ensuring final consistency;
  3. Compared with PoW, it solves the problem of resource consumption;
DPOS also has certain defects: centralization problem. Taking EOS as an example, 21 super routines can even decide to modify the code by raising their hands to vote. These 21 people imply that they are the center of the system and the rule makers, and they even have roughly the same interests as the community voters. But there is a suspicion of being biased towards centralization.
How to find a balance between centralization and decentralization?
ETX has introduced the POW mechanism based on DPOS.
In PoW, the three Powers of miners, developers, and users are separated, which is more like the equality and decentralization pursued by the blockchain.
In PoW, it is more like the opposite of POS (capitalism), that is 'socialism', distribution according to work and more work get more pay.
What is the purpose of POW+DPOS? And how to govern?
After a brief discussion above, we can conclude that the purpose is very simple: preventing excessive centralization, without sacrificing performance efficiency, while retaining a certain degree of decentralization, is the relatively optimal solution of current blockchain technology products = POW +DPOS.
How to govern?
DAO is an important blockchain governance solution, its full name is Decentralized Autonomous Organization. This form of organization operates entirely through computer programs, which are called smart contracts. The financial transaction records and procedural rules of a DAO organization are all run on the blockchain. This kind of company-like entity that is completely controlled and operated by computer code has no founder, no CEO, no CTO, no personnel, finance, R&D, marketing and sales department, completely eradicating human factors that affect the company’s efficiency, which is historical to the current company system change.
ETX, multi-proof mechanism balance + DAO governance, is the best solution currently.
ETX has been operating frequently recently. In order to avoid the centralization of computing power, the test network first tested the ETHASH4 algorithm, and immediately conducted a second test on the main network. Recently, it has been urgently connecting with mining machine manufacturers.
According to the Ethereumx·NET economic white paper, based on the current POW, it will officially enter the era of DAO governance after all DPOS nodes are online, and it will be transformed into a completely decentralized blockchain project. The road is long and far, and the future is full of imagination.
*Matthew Effect: The Matthew Effect refers to the phenomenon that the strong become stronger and the weak become weaker. It is widely used in social psychology, education, finance and science.
Other references:
Ethereumx·NET Economic White Paper
POW Wikipedia
Bitcoin whitepaper
EOS whitepaper
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Which high-quality minority coins are likely to break through and become mainstream cryptocurrencies?

Which high-quality minority coins are likely to break through and become mainstream cryptocurrencies?
The veterans who often visit the currency forum may have heard a sentence: long bitcoin, short all the alts. The meaning is obvious, the status of Bitcoin is almost unshakable, but the mainstream currency has changed from wave to wave.
Blackcoin, Futurecoin, and PPcoin that were hot in the early years have now been thrown out of the mainstream currency rankings, and almost no one cares. According to coinmarketcap data, only Litecoin, Dogecoin and Ripple in the top ten market capitalization list survived and are temporarily among the mainstream coins.
The picture shows the cryptocurrency quotation of an exchange in 2014. In 2017, the exchange suspended its services.
After experiencing generations of cryptocurrency, what would replace the present-time mainstream cryptocurrency?
The data above is the top 20 in the global market capitalization so far, and the data comes from coinmarketcap. We can see that bitcoin is still at the top of the ranking, and there are many new faces in the ranking after 2017.
From the perspective of the number of cryptocurrency types, platform coins for 15%, Bitcoin and its fork for 15%, digital cross-chain assets and platforms for 35%, stablecoins for 10%, and the remaining digital payment for 25%. Of course, this kind of statistics is not scientific, because the statistics are only based on the number of rankings, without taking into account the weighted impact of market value, but we can still glimpse the market trend of cryptocurrencies in recent years.
The earliest cryptocurrencies are not as complicated as they are today. They are just a cryptocurrency and have no other role than payment. Through the latest cryptocurrency rankings, we can understand that cryptocurrencies are moving towards diversification.
Since the cryptocurrency broke out in 2017, we have heard countless concepts: cross-chain, decentralized operating system, decentralized Internet, DEFI, DAO... Some of these concepts have evolved into reality, some concepts are on the way to becoming a reality.
We can say that 2018 is a watershed moment for this industry. Cryptocurrencies have stepped out of the pure P2P payment field and are moving towards a diversified ecological development.
So, back to the topic, what is diversification, how do we judge whether a digital currency has the conditions to enter the mainstream currency?
I think that the basis for judgment is very simple. The following points are for your reference:
First, the distribution process needs to be transparent and fair. If there is an institutional investment, can the organization's bargaining cost and time cost adapt to the project development, and how can the organization be prevented from cashing out in a short time? If there is no institutional investment, is the amount of pre-mining of the project reasonable, or is it fair to users holding currency?
Second, whether the project has market demand for corresponding industry solutions. Not all industries in this world need blockchain. Recognizing the reality that blockchain is not a panacea is the primary condition for entering the cryptocurrency market.
The third point is whether the project has a certain foundation. The foundation here includes two aspects: community foundation and cardinal basis. It is recommended to identify the project from these two aspects.
I have been observing the digital currency market for a long time. Among them, a mining currency ETX (Ethereumx·NET) with a POW+DPOS proof mechanism has attracted my attention. After understanding that the currency is not pre-mined, the distribution mechanism is very fair.
In addition, there is an optional anonymous transfer mode, which protects the privacy of users to a greater extent than ETH. On this basis, you can also undertake ETH dually: undertake ETH2.0 elimination of computing power; seamlessly transplant all application ecology of ETH. The most remarkable thing is its dual economic model of POW+DPOS, which locks a certain circulation and distributes newly-produced coins fairly, stably increasing the value.
Cryptocurrency is a thriving world, but it is also a dangerous world. Welcome to follow me and explore potential projects. There are risks in the market, so you need to be cautious when entering the market.
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Not everyone has to be a miner. This is open source money. There are lots of opportunities for innovation, and for hard work.

I'm not disparaging miners. Their work is important. Their work is risky. I just want to make the point that anyone looking for risk/reward doesn't have to look to mining alone.
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What's the next big coin after litecoin?

I've been mining for a bit but I am thinking of switching to feather coin to get some easy coins before it becomes difficult. I think this of PPC is the next big coin after litecoins,.
Any other opinions on other good coins to mine?
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How do most of you feel about alt-coins, do you subscribe to the one crypto-currency view(i.e. only bitcoins), or the crypto-market view(multiple similar to how you have dollars, pounds, and euros)

How do most of you feel about alt-coins, do you subscribe to the one crypto-currency view(i.e. only bitcoins), or the crypto-market view(multiple similar to how you have dollars, pounds, and euros)?
So do you think only bitcoins will succeed, and the rest are useless ripoffs, or that a few/several currencies will succeed.
Personally I think at least three or four will succeed, and that will be good for bitcoin, as the existence of multiple currencies will further separate bitcoin from services such as credit cards and paypal.(i.e. from being a brand to being an actual currency).
What are your thoughts?
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What does /r/CryptoCurrency think of the recent "outbreak" of Bitcoin forks/clones?

FeatherCoin, ByteCoin, BBQCoin... To some extent diversity is a good thing, but this is getting a bit ridiculous, isn't it? I fear that in the long run people won't be able to take cryptocurrencies seriously if there are one hundred different coins, and this could be a very real problem that goes past people playing with toy cryptomoney. Thoughts?
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Lightspeed Venture Partners predicts PPCoin will survive, to be among top 5 alt-coins.

Anyone notice PPCoin on the list of predictions of 2014 from Lightspeed Ventures? On their list at #3:
3. There will be less than 5 alt-coins (out of the 50+ in existence) that will survive 2014
The open source nature of the Bitcoin protocol led to the advent of over 50+ alt-coins, most of which are blatant rip-offs with a tweak or two here and there. These can be divided into three categories
In my opinion, only the category 3 ones would survive. PPC coin, which has introduced a proof-of-stake system in addition to proof-of-work is one such coin. It is in my list of survivors.
PPCoin to da moon.
Full text
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This is PPCoin's chance!

Let's use BitCoin's recent volatility to capture more market share. Please contribute to the Wiki if you have any important information available. Spread the word! "Sell" the currency to people who are skeptical. I believe PPCoin has real potential at this point to 'take over' the top spot in cryptocurrency. Who's with me?
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[ANN] Primecoin released - a crypto-currency that helps discover a specific type of prime numbers

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Added function to mine Cryptos on the Raspberry Pi.

LucasJones CPU - Multi miner available to install from this new guide.
Support for:
Although the Pi is not a suitable miner (for economic reasons), it may be of interest to those who are unfamiliar with the process and wish to try mining first hand.
I should help with understanding how nodes, miners and users interact on these networks.
Plus it's just spare unused CPU so why not make a bit or two :)
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PPCoin value reaching new all time lows

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Bitcoin vs. Peercoin WARNING: Beware of Bitcoin! Why Bitcoin will "eventually" crash... the reason why PPCoin or (Peercoin) was created.

Bitcoin vs. Peercoin WARNING: Beware of Bitcoin! Why Bitcoin will submitted by bitcoinbeware to Bitcoin [link] [comments]

I am a bitcoin fanatic, is PPC better.

Hi gang,
Some guy came over and forced PPC in front of me.
I have looked into it, for maybe an hour. I read this paper, and probably understood 70%, I was most interested in proof-of-stake.
I have read the wiki a few times now.
I know bitcoin quite well, and mined it.
On that reddit I didn't get enough corrections.
I have some questions / theoretical misunderstandings that I would be delighted if you could answer.
I cannot see that PPC is a superior system to BTC (but assume you know it to be)
In summary, it seems to me that PPC incentivised miners to be loyal in the early days, and also not to sell. This drove up prices, and protected from a 51% in the very early days.
Now it seems that mining is not profitable (for you or I) even if we get hold of some Expensive mining equipment.
Using my limited understanding of both, it seems bitcoin is the better design, because it uses the idea that 'we are stronger together' and that everything is network driven.
I truly welcome your thoughts and corrections.
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Why so much altcoin hate?

It seems like the majority of people on this subreddit are non supportive of every coin type except bitcoin. Whats so bad about having more than one crypto currency? From the standpoint of an investor, is not bad to put all your eggs in one basket?
The point of this post is not to argue which is better, I simply want to hear peoples opinions and reasons.
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Primecoin future is bright

I made the effort to read Primecoin and Peercoin whitepaper seriously for the first time yesterday and realized they are both into solving 2 problems that Bitcoin will encounter inevitably: 1) the energy efficiency issue and 2) having high security/low inflation/low fee at the same time is unsustainable.
In primecoin whitepaper, below are the relevant quotes, that stress Primecoin advantanges.
-Security "However, a non-linear difficulty curve would negatively impact block chain security. Also, using prime size as difficulty indicator would interfere with efficiency of verification. Eventually I discovered that the remainder of Fermat test could be used to construct a relatively linear continuous difficulty curve for a given prime chain length. This allows primecoin to largely keep the security property of bitcoin."
-Fee vs Security "However a higher transaction fee reduces the competitiveness of a crypto- currency as payment-processing network. Since last year, bitcoin’s share of network mining income has shrunk much faster than its capital ma rket share. Basically, for a pure proof-of-work design, it’s not real istic to expect all three goals to sustain: high network security, low inflation and low tr ansaction fee. This topic has been explored in ppcoin paper, however it would become more evide nt as the competition intensifies in cryptocurrency market and bitcoin’s infl ation rate drops further. As Moore’s Law approaches its limit, primecoin inflati on rate would taper off and gives a slower drop toward zero. There is still good scarcity pro perty similar to gold while network security is maintained without the need to raise transaction fee." - there is still good scarcity with good security wihout the need of raising the fee!
-Inflation "The inflation in primecoin is designed to drop slower than ppcoin’s proof-of- work minting, to compensate for the need of sustained energy consumption of pure proof-of-work cryptocurrencies."
Conclusion:Primecoin fills a space that is a blue oean and is its first mover. After Bitcoin and Litecoin, Primecoin positions itself as a serious secure and sustainable payment network that has the potential of lasting.
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Will competing crypto-currencies devalue Bitcoin, effectively bringing inflation in another form?

I've wondered what the results of these other crypto-currencies will have on Bitcoin? Will LTC, PPcoin, Bytecoin, etc have a negative effect? With merge mining, a whole bunch can sprout up with very little work needed. They can piggy back on the Bitcoin miners.
Is it actually in their benefit in the long run to merge mine? Perhaps they are making their Bitcoins less valuable by enabling a competitor? Will people see alternative crypto-currencies as a type of "inflation" and something that is harmful?
I don't know what to think. Part of me is excited to see other currencies start up but the other part is skeptical.
Will people avoid businesses that take multiple crypto-currencies and take their business to places who full-heartily embrace bitcoin and not a mixture of ones devaluing bitcoin? Will people protect against competitors or embrace them possibly bringing "inflation".
Or perhaps I don't understand the issues at all. LOL.
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Important facts PPCoiners should know, especially when talking to PPCoin haters. Please read and remember!

I see a lot of negative misinformation being spread about PPCoin, I hope to clear up some things I am hearing so if you guys encounter the same comments you can correct them too.
1. PPCoin was NOT pre-mined. It was launched transparently, with plenty of notice given and the binaries were available from day 1 to everyone. A lot of coins were mined in the first week, which happens with almost all coins when they launch because the starting mining difficulty is so low. Everyone had a fair chance.
2. There are NOT 2 billion PPCoins. There are 18 million PPCoins in circulation, which is a comparable number to Litecoins. And the actual cap size is not pre-determined but rather, depends on user adoption (see here:, the short answer being given current adoption levels we can expect PPCoins to mirror Litecoin approximately in terms of it's coin cap and money supply growth). Currently about 500k PPCoins are being made a month and the rate of production per months is designed to go down exponentially according to Moores Law as popularity increases. The 2 billion figure is the theoretical cap on the coin size, but this figure is very likely an over-estimate according to Sunny and given we're only producing 500k a month now and less per month as each month goes by you can see from the math the coin pool size is just fine.
3. PPCoin IS open source. Just type PPCoin and github into google to see it come up.
4. The development IS active. Sunny is probably the most active developer I have seen out of all the alternative crypto currencies. He answers questions daily, has a weekly topic update and is constantly making improvements (just read through some of this latest posts on bitcointalk to see this, user: sunny king).
5. There are NO known vulnerabilities and exploits out in the wild which are dangerous. There was an issue last year and it has since been patched. PPCoin by it's nature is innovative and is pushing the boundaries in an experimental nature... it's not surprising there were some teething issues (Bitcoin was no different). Other alt currencies are mostly Bitcoin Clones and just change a couple of parameters in the code, PPCoin is based on a different algorithm, has proof of stake and is energy efficient... Just like Bitcoin, the best way for PPCoin to prove itself is to be used in the wild and it is passing all the tests.
6. Last point is about 'checkpoints'. People say omg PPCoin has checkpoints, not decentralised!!1 Well firstly, Bitcoin has checkpoints. Secondly, the extent to which PPCoin depends on them is being phased out during the course of the year when we reach enough users. And thirdly, the checkpoints are there as a security measure, it is nothing sinister. It's actually smart. If something terrible was to happen to we have the checkpoints there as backup.
I wrote these points up as I grew tired of haters spreading rumours! Especially in the trollbox lol.
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New to altcoins, care to help?

Until 3 weeks ago, I only ever had known of Bitcoin and Litecoin. Now that I am aware of all these other currencies, I'm excited and a bit overwhelmed. Would you care to submit your favorite cryptocurrency, how to set up a local wallet for it (I'm on Ubuntu and at present I have bitcoin-qt, litecoin-qt, and ppcoin-qt), good faucets, other tips, etc? My knowledge other than how to use wallets and conduct basic transactions is lacking. Also links to various thorough articles on mining, mining rigs, software, various currencies, etc would be appreciated. I'm very enthusiastic about the idea of cryptocurrencies, and I'm hoping that soon I can get a ton of wallets going and learn the differences between various coins.
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I rewrote the sidebar text

Markdown (source): First, Rev 1, Rev 2, Rev 3, Rev 4, Rev 5, Rev 6. Use RES or orangered me to get latest.
Changes (First->Latest): (excl. minor edits)
“third” to “fourth” “annum” to “year” Remove “to” Restore paragraph split Restore since it's back online Numbered list to bullet points Edit descriptions of exchanges Update link Add marketplace Clean up Link to Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Namecoin Wikipedia pages (last Rev 6 edit) Link to Proof-of-{Stake,Work} explanations Edit cointip text Change FAQ/wiki links Add example screenshots Remove until they come out of testing Add link to service list BTC-e now supports two-factor authentication Add Mt.Gox Add important facts link 
Screenshots: current sidebar vs suggested sidebar.
Comment with any suggestions or ideas you have.
PPCoin or Peercoin is the cryptocurrency with the fourth highest market cap after Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Namecoin. It is the first known iteration of a combined proof-of-stake/proof-of-work coin.
It is designed to be energy efficient in the long run, have a steady inflation rate of one percent per year, and (through proof-of-stake) be free of dependence on miners.
/PPCoin FAQ, wiki
Official website, FAQ, wiki
Wikipedia article
Important facts
Getting started
Walkthrough for Peercoin wallet setup faucet (free Peercoins)
PPCoinTalk marketplace
List of exchanges and other services
All support two-factor authentication.
USD converter (
Cryptocurrency value tracker (
Ticker for Chrome (Creator's announcement thread)
Ticker for Firefox (Creator on reddit)
Forums (alternative currencies section)
Related subreddits
BitcoinTip (Quick Start Guide)
BitcoinTip and ALTcoinTip enabled on /PPCoin.
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An analysis of the state of ppc at the moment.

Disclaimer; Do not overly rely on the information below, a large part of this is speculation, and while I have done a bit of research I do not claim to be any kind of authority on PPC.
If you find any mistakes please inform me and I will attempt to fix them ASAP.
What ppc has going for it
  1. PPC is relatively fast compared to most other crypto currencies, and has a fixed transaction fee unlike other crypto currencies such as bitcoin.
  2. Is so far the only crypto coin built on the idea of proof of stake(yet).
    [Why should this matter?; In cryptocurrencies based of proof of work, things like confirmations(e.g; a lot of exchanges require 3 to ten confirmations before they accept your bitcoin) are done when blocks are mined, this is fine as long as blocks are being mined, but when an error occurs(like TRC yesterday) where a difficulty adjustment results in a large amount of the miners leaving, the currency grinds to a halt and no transactions can be completed. With proof of stake coins which have allready been mined carry out these functions, so ppcoin can continue to function even in the absence of miners.]
  3. Energy Efficency; This leads to Peer to Peer Coin's third advantage, not being dependent of miners like other crypto currencies PPcoin is free to be energy efficient.
    Explanation; Bitcoin miners are buying bigger and bigger machines and using more and more electricity to generate Bitcoins, while not too much of a problem on this scale if Bitcoin ever becomes as big and as accepted a means of payment as credit cards or paypal the amount of power being consumed globally would be staggering, and very very inefficient(as all this is being wasted aside from the generation of Bitcoins.) PPC however adjusts difficulty geometrically as the popularity of PPC grows. So in such a scenario while the value of PPcoin might be astronomical, difficulty would scale so that it would be financially unprofitable for too many people to be mining. And thanks to proof of stake PPcoin would continue to function in such a situation.
  4. Growing acceptability; PPC is being adopted by bigger exchanges such as BTC-e on the fifth of april, as well as hints of ppc at mtgox. Additionally PPC now has the third hightest Market Capitalization
Summary; PPC is fast, reliable, resistant to scenario's which cripple other altcoins, and is designed for the long term, and seems to be slowly growing in acceptability.
What is going against PPC
  1. While it has potential very few places currently exist which accept PPcoin. Bitcoin is now becoming accepted in several "real" shops, while litecoin now has it's own silkroad in the form of Atlantis. PPC unfortunately(like many of the other altcurrencys) does not yet have any such marketplace, and its only current use is the purchase of bitcoins.
  2. PPC's value is currently fluctuating heavily, Vircurex's server issues right before BTC-e's implemetaion of PPC resulted in PPC experiencing its first major bubble in its first few hours unlike most other altcurrencys first few weeks.*
    *[mostly speculation; This might be as people knew that the supply of ppc would rise as soon as Vircurex came online, and were determined to sell before this lowered the value of ppc. Combined with people focusing on TRC as it was added to BTC-e first, and being suprised when due to the miner issue PPC reached the market first, and overbidding in their haste.]
  3. A more temporary issue; PPC might soon be flooded as Vircurex comes back online, and if people panic and flood the market with this additional supply. HOWEVER given that the current price of PPC is currently equal or below the level of ppc prices before Vircurex closed, and additional currencies are in Vircurex the price of ppc might not actually fall all too much as people might refuse to sell at a loss.
Conclusion; While PPC is designed to be used on a wide scale, and seems to be growing in acceptability, it doesn't yet have enough services, and is facing a risk of collapse. So if PPC survives its current difficulties it should grow to equal and eventually exceed litecoins, but only if it manages to weather it's current pricing issues.
edit; so if you want to help PPC succeed, please build services which accept ppc.
edit 2; Issue three has passed. Hooray.
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Mining with an Avalon rig

I saw this link in /bitcoin. Is it possible to mine ppcoins with one of these rigs? According to dustcoin, you could mine about 530 ppcoins per day with 18Gh/s. With ppcoins at $0.20, that is $106 per day. You would make up the price of your rig in about ten days (not accounting for difficulty increases). And with CoinMKT launching soon, it would be easy to cash out (although I haven't done any ppcoin trading, so I don't know how easy it would be to offload that many coins per day).
I don't think such a rig is is worth it to mine in bitcoins, as I think the difficult will continue to increase exponentially. What do you guys think will happen to the ppcoin difficulty in the next couple months?
Another big risk is the future of ppcoin. By the time you get your mining rig, ppcoin could be dead.
EDIT: Forgot to include the group guy at BitcoinTalk, this is where you can get the Avalon rig from.
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Which cryptos have the most seemingly qualified developers and ongoing development?

Which cryptocoin do you see having the most active developers and most qualified to do the job? I hear lots about marketing, charity drives, large communities or retail adoption but I hear less and less of what is happening behind the scenes.
Edit 1: Here is a preliminary list of who's who and Developments. Please correct me if I am missing info, have wrong info or want me to add other coin dev teams.
Bitcoin Core Dev Team Vice Article GitHub Stats 5,180 commits 11 branches 107 releases 162 contributors Recent Developments
Dogecoin Core Dev Team GitHub Stats 73 commits 1 branch 5 releases 16 contributors
Litecoin Core Dev Team: AMA GitHub Stats 4,191 commits 39 branches 152 releases 144 contributors
Megacoin Core Dev Team:
Github Stats 4,065 commits 6 branches 2 releases 129 contributors Recent Developments
Peercoin & Primecoin Core Dev Team Interview Peercoin Github Stats 2,865 commits 1 branch 91 releases 94 contributors Primecoin Github Stats 4,225 commits 3 branches 111 releases 137 contributors
Worldcoin Core Dev Team Early Interview Github Stats 4,162 commits 32 branches 140 releases 141 contributors
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How To Mine 1 Bitcoin in 10 Minutes - Blockchain BTC Miner ... A look inside America's largest Bitcoin mining operation ... PPCoin-Mining with single Radeon HD 5970 @ ~800 Mh/s 7 DAY$-24/HR$ - BITCOIN MINING EXPERIMENT - See How Much ... Bitcoin Mining

How Bitcoin Mining Works. Where do bitcoins come from? With paper money, a government decides when to print and distribute money. Bitcoin doesn't have a central government. With Bitcoin, miners use special software to solve math problems and are issued a certain number of bitcoins in exchange. This provides a smart way to issue the currency and also creates an incentive for more people to mine ... Um Bitcoin Mining zu betreiben, müssen Sie einem Miningpool beitreten, was zusätzliche Kosten verursacht. Für das Mining benötigen Sie entsprechende Hardware. Auch hier kommen Kosten auf Sie zu. Je nachdem, wie leistungsfähig Ihr Bitcoin Miner sein soll, zahlen Sie bis zu 2.000 Euro. Es ist nicht bekannt, ob sich Mining auch in Zukunft noch lohnen wird. Wenn Sie nicht genau wissen, was ... Bitcoin Mining ist ein Prozess, bei dem Rechenleistung zur Transaktionsverarbeitung, Absicherung und Synchronisierung aller Nutzer im Netzwerk zur Verfügung gestellt wird. Das Mining ist eine Art dezentrales Bitcoin-Rechenzentrum mit Minern auf der ganzen Welt. Dieser Prozess wird analog zum ... Bitcoin-Mining ist ein Geschäft mit einer sehr grossen Konkurrenz. Mining macht nur Sinn, wenn Sie es aus Spass machen und es Ihnen nicht so wichtig ist, ob Sie Profit daraus schlagen. Es ist aber auch möglich, dass Sie es sehr effektiv betreiben und davon profitieren. Bitcoin Mining ist das neue Goldschürfen: Als Miner, also Schürfer, verdienen Sie virtuelles Geld dafür, dass Sie Ihre Rechnerleistung zur Verfügung stellen. Allerdings ist hierfür so einiges ...

[index] [41756] [7975] [36718] [45839] [31199] [8451] [2942] [33449] [51038] [22986]

How To Mine 1 Bitcoin in 10 Minutes - Blockchain BTC Miner ...

Buy Raspberry Pi 4 Model B 4GB: How to Setup a Raspberry Pi 4 Bitcoin Mining Rig w/ Bitmain AntMiner U3: I'm currently mining PPC with a single Radeon HD 5970 (overclocked) at ~ 800 Mh/s. Cores are ~ 80°C. Card is overclocked with MSI Afterburner: Core Voltage: 1175, Core Clock: 950 MHz, Memory ... In 2014, before Ethereum and altcoin mania, before ICOs and concerns about Tether and Facebook's Libra, Motherboard gained access to a massive and secretive ... Zu Besuch in der Bitcoin-Mine: Hier fließt die virtuelle Währung in Millionenhöhe. Mehr Galileo: Galileo auf YouTube abonnieren: htt... This video is part of a larger online course, "From Barter to Bitcoin: Society, Technology and the Future of Money" run by Prof. Bill Maurer and Prof. Donald...