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[Discussion] TestFlight Public Beta Links V2

EDIT: I'm really baffled as to why there are people downvoting this. You're only preventing other people on the sub-reddit from seeing this by doing so. Think about other people who have been looking for some of these links for months before you downvote this post for zero reason.

New Thread for y'all!

Here are the TestFlight links I have come across so far. I will update this continually as I find more and as you guys post more. Happy testing!

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If you like what you see, feel free to Venmo me! I just graduated college and will have to start paying back loans soon, so anything is extremely appreciated. Feel free to send me your username too, if you want a shoutout on this post!

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Old Post:

Update #1: Added column for the people who wanted to know when new links were added. You're welcome.
Update #1.5: I will remove the links after every tenth link that is added, so make sure to check the list daily!

Update #2: Since this list is becoming a lot bigger, I'm adding a column for apps that I endorse (whether I like them or not) or have on my phone, so that people can find better quality apps quicker.

Up to date as of 10/24/19 @ 10:05 AM EST
Date Added OP approved // On My Device Application Link Sauce // Instructions
Yes // Yes Faster Internet Courtesy of u/rgllm
1Blocker X Courtesy of u/loudmoutholeary
Yes // No 1Password Courtesy of u/BillyCurtis
2Do - Todo List, Tasks & Notes Courtesy of u/BillyCurtis
Yes // No 9GAG: Best LOL Pics & GIFs Courtesy of u/jengyong
AdGuard Courtesy of u/Birdman-82 // Form
all 4 hue (for Philips Hue) Courtesy of u/bkmgtpe
Area51: A Client for Reddit Courtesy of u/Nicolaspatate
Airchat for AirPods Courtesy of u/Vegetapple
Yes // No Airmail Courtesy of u/TSUTiger
AmazFaces Courtesy of u/RobinBaerheim
Andrana Project Courtesy of u/BillyCurtis
Yes // No AnyList Courtesy of u/BillyCurtis
Armajet Courtesy of u/BillyCurtis // Form. Scroll down to bottom
Artstudio Pro: Draw Paint Edit Courtesy of u/BillyCurtis
Banana Racer Courtesy of u/potencia2001
Yes // No BBC Sport Courtesy of u/Vegetapple
Beatwave Courtesy of u/BillyCurtis
Yes // No BETA PUBG MOBILE Courtesy of u/suuuuuuuuja
9/18/19 Binfinder: Find litter bins Courtesy of u/RobinBaerheim
Yes // No BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) Courtesy of u/BillyCurtis // Form
Yes // No Buffer: Social Media Manager Courtesy of u/BillyCurtis
Bullet Force Courtesy of u/BillyCurtis // Form
CARROT Fit Courtesy of u/loudmoutholeary
9/29/19 Castro Podcast Player Courtesy of u/RobinBaerheim
Cs Music Player Courtesy of u/Birdman-82
ChastiKey Courtesy of u/BillyCurtis
CHUNE Courtesy of u/BillyCurtis
Cloud Baby Monitor Courtesy of u/alexrianne
CoinView: Bitcoin Altcoin App Courtesy of u/BillyCurtis
Comet Courtesy of u/Cesuva
Controller for HomeKit Courtesy of u/BillyCurtis
Custom Contacts 2 Courtesy of u/RisksvsBenefits
9/29/19 Dark Odds Courtesy of u/RobinBaerheim
Darkroom – Photo Editor Courtesy of u/Vegetapple
Yes // No Day One Journal Courtesy of u/BillyCurtis
Debit & Credit Courtesy of u/BillyCurtis
Yes // No Deezer Courtesy of u/K2rtman Courtesy of u/BillyCurtis
DEV Community Courtesy of u/BillyCurtis
Yes // Yes Discord Courtesy of u/TSUTiger
Dog Scanner Courtesy of u/arcangel_06
Yes // Yes Dropbox Courtesy of u/Nicolaspatate
9/18/19 Yes // Yes Email - Canary Mail Courtesy of u/kamsa6-fojbiz-nesXem
Emma - Money Management Courtesy of u/BillyCurtis
9/18/19 Eternal Love M Courtesy of u/RobinBaerheim
Yes // No Facebook Light Courtesy of u/Birdman-82
Yes // Yes Facebook Messenger Courtest of u/dmbaio
FanFiction.Net Courtesy of u/BillyCurtis
Yes // No Feedly Courtesy of u/TSUTiger
Yes // No Fenix For Twitter Courtesy of u/TSUTiger
FIFA: Gameplay First Look Courtesy of u/BillyCurtis
9/18/19 Fight Back to the 80's Match 3 Courtesy of u/RobinBaerheim
Yes // No Firefox Courtesy of u/syralspiral // Requires an E-Mail Address
FotMob Live Soccer Scores Courtesy of u/BillyCurtis
Freebox Courtesy of u/Vegetapple
GAMEE - Play with your friends Courtesy of u/BillyCurtis
Garadget 2 Courtesy of u/BillyCurtis
GawkBox Courtesy of u/BillyCurtis
GROM - Get Rid of Minions Courtesy of u/BillyCurtis
Yes // No GroupMe Courtesy of Yours Truly
Yes // Yes Google Apps (Every. Single. One.) (Best find ever) Courtest of u/ryangoldstein // Click on "Get Access" at the top right of the screen
Yes // Yes Google Chrome Beta Courtesy of Yours Truly // Click on "Download Chrome Beta" on an iOS device
Guide Meditation Courtesy of u/BillyCurtis
Yes // No Happy Mail for Gmail Courtesy of u/arcangel_06
Hexer – Hex File Viewer Courtesy of u/Kamik423
Highlights - Export PDF Notes Courtesy of u/BillyCurtis
9/18/19 Yes // No Hire by Google Courtesy of u/RobinBaerheim
Home Assistant Companion Courtesy of u/BillyCurtis
iCertifi Courtesy of u/BillyCurtis
Idle Space: Cargo Empire Courtesy of u/Ultimastar
Yes // Yes IFTTT Courtesy of u/BillyCurtis // Form
Yes // No Imgur - Meme & GIF Maker Courtesy of u/Vegetapple
infltr - Infinite Filters Courtesy of u/BillyCurtis
iSH Shell Courtesy of u/gnomeuser
Yes // No Jira Cloud by Atlassian Courtesy of u/thekirbylover
KARMA: Social Network For Good Courtesy of u/Vegetapple
Yes // No Kaspersky Security Cloud Courtesy of u/BillyCurtis
Yes // No LastPass Password Manager Courtesy of u/RobinBaerheim
LFIX Courtesy of u/BillyCurtis
Map Pilot for DJI Courtesy of u/BillyCurtis
10/3/19 Maze Machine Courtesy of u/RobinBaerheim
Yes // No Mega Courtesy of u/Nicolaspatate
9/19/19 Memento: Modern Reminders Courtesy of u/kamsa6-fojbiz-nesXem
Yes // No Microsoft Cortana Courtesy of Daniel Rubino from Windows Central
Yes // Yes Microsoft Edge or See Right Column Courtesy of u/DarkUv77 & Yours Truly // Go into the settings within the Microsoft Edge browser and look at the middle option for "Join Microsoft Edge Beta" and badda-boom-badda-bing
Yes // No Microsoft Excel Courtesy of Yours Truly
Yes // Yes Microsoft OneDrive Courtesy of u/TSUTiger
Yes // No Microsoft OneNote Courtesy of Yours Truly
Yes // No Microsoft Outlook Courtesy of Yours Truly
Yes // No Microsoft PowerPoint Courtesy of Yours Truly
Yes // No Microsoft Remote Desktop Beta Courtesy of u/Rukario
Yes // Yes Microsoft To-Do Courtesy of u/DiegoNavarro
Yes // No Microsoft Word Courtesy of Yours Truly
Mojo - Create Video Stories Courtesy of u/BillyCurtis
Momento - GIF Maker & Creator Courtesy of u/BillyCurtis
Moonscape - Crypto Tracker Courtesy of u/BillyCurtis
Musixmatch Lyrics Finder Courtesy of u/Vegetapple
MyPal Courtesy of u/BillyCurtis
Netwa - spy for Whatsapp Courtesy of u/BillyCurtis
Yes // No The New York Times Courtesy of u/sushiinyourface
Nextcloud Courtesy of u/BillyCurtis
NoiseHub Courtesy of u/BillyCurtis
10/3/19 Yes // No Notability Courtesy of u/jraspiprojects // Form
NotePlan - Markdown Calendar Courtesy of u/BillyCurtis
NSScreencast Courtesy of u/BillyCurtis
Omlet Arcade Courtesy of u/BillyCurtis
Onedox: For household bills Courtesy of u/CashMc1234
Yes // No osu! Courtesy of u/151010
Overcast Courtesy of u/Kamik423
ownCloud Courtesy of u/BillyCurtis
Parcel - Delivery Tracking Courtesy of u/KvasiSide
Password AR Courtesy of u/RobinBaerheim
PDF Expert 7: PDF Editor Courtesy of u/Icy_Instance
PDF Viewer Pro by PSPDFKit Courtesy of u/BillyCurtis
Phosphor Courtesy of [deleted]
Yes // No Plex Courtesy of u/Birdman-82
Yes // No Pocket: Save. Read. Grow. Courtesy of u/BillyCurtis
Pushover Notifications Courtesy of u/BillyCurtis
Pythonista 3 Courtesy of u/HarryLafranc
Yes // No Quizlet Courtesy of u/Vegetapple
Rad Trails! Courtesy of u/BillyCurtis
RainViewer Storm Radar Courtesy of u/BillyCurtis
Yes // Yes Reddit (Ayyy!) Courtesy of u/BillyCurtis // Form
RetailBox Courtesy of u/RobinBaerheim
Revolut - Radically Better Courtesy of u/liamdaly
rIPTV Courtesy of u/BillyCurtis
RoomScan Pro Courtesy of u/BillyCurtis
Screens Courtesy of u/Vegetapple
SHAREit - Connect & Transfer Courtesy of u/BillyCurtis
SideCoach Courtesy of u/BillyCurtis
Yes // No Signal - Private Messenger Courtesy of u/yxkillz
Skies Of Chaos Courtesy of u/BillyCurtis
Yes // No Skype For iPhone Courtesy of u/Suavechef
Yes // No Skype For iPad Courtesy of u/Suavechef // May need to initiate beta from an iPad
Yes // No Slack Courtesy of u/TSUTiger // Form
Sleep Cycle alarm clock Courtesy of u/BillyCurtis
Slide for Reddit Courtesy of u/TSUTiger
Yes // Yes Snapchat Courtesy of Yours Truly
Social Dummy Courtesy of u/BillyCurtis
Speck - Web Playground Courtesy of u/BillyCurtis
9/18/19 SpeedCN - 海外VPN网络加速器 Courtesy of u/RobinBaerheim
Yes // Yes Spotify Courtesy of u/mainhathao
Status - Ethereum. Anywhere. Courtesy of u/BillyCurtis
10/24/19 Stop Motion Studio Pro Courtesy of u/mitarm
Stream Status Courtesy of u/BillyCurtis
Stripe Dashboard Courtesy of u/BillyCurtis
sudo crabs Courtesy of u/Thumbender
Yes // No SwiftKey Keyboard Courtesy of u/khaskin
Tapatalk - 200,000+ Forums Courtesy of u/BillyCurtis
Yes // No Telegram Messenger Courtesy of u/RobinBaerheim
Tik-App Courtesy of u/BillyCurtis
tippin wallet Courtesy of u/RobinBaerheim
Yes // No Todoist Courtesy of u/TSUTiger
TouchViZ Courtesy of u/BillyCurtis
TrackMyTour Courtesy of u/BillyCurtis
Yes // No Trello Courtesy of u/CashMc1234 // Form
Truecaller Courtesy of u/adriank1410
Yes // No Tumblr Courtesy of u/BillyCurtis
TV Time - #1 Show Tracker Courtesy of u/BillyCurtis
Yes // Yes Twitch Beta Courtesy of u/ImFirstPlace
Yes // Yes Twitter Courtesy of Yours Truly // Form
Unwrap - Learn Swift Courtesy of u/BillyCurtis
USA Jeans Courtesy of u/BillyCurtis
9/18/19 Vevue_Beta 2.0 Courtesy of u/RobinBaerheim
Vipps Courtesy of u/RobinBaerheim
Voxel Max Courtesy of u/voxelmax
10/24/19 Courtesy of u/dreamdorian
Wasder Courtesy of u/BillyCurtis
Yes // No Waze Courtesy of Yours Truly // Form
Weather Atlas • Weather Radar Courtesy of u/arcangel_06
Weather Up ▴ Courtesy of u/Suavechef
Yes // No WhatsApp Courtesy of u/CashMc1234
Yes // No WhatsApp Business Courtesy of u/stalker08
Yes // No Whiteboard Courtesy of u/TSUTiger
Yes // No Wikipedia Courtesy of u/Vegetapple
WireGuard Courtesy of u/gnomeuser
Yes // No Wordpress Courtesy of u/TSUTiger
World Clock Time Widget Courtesy of u/lasmit
Yes // Yes Xbox App Courtesy of u/Fvck_Tomat0es
Yes // No Xbox Game Pass Courtesy of u/Birdman-82 // Form
XP App Courtesy of u/BillyCurtis
Yes // Yes YouTube Courtesy of u/J7LTH // Form
YTCount – Subscriber Count Courtesy of u/BillyCurtis
Zap - Lightning Wallet Courtesy of u/BillyCurtis
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OnePageX: only exchanges cryptocurrencies, ¡¡¡but does it very well !!!

OnePageX: only exchanges cryptocurrencies, ¡¡¡but does it very well !!!

The Problems

An exchange of cryptocurrencies is a place where people can exchange their digital currency with other people, or just change currencies according to the requirements that the user wants.
Wiki defines it in the following way:
A cryptocurrency exchange or a digital currency exchange (DCE) is a business that allows customers to trade cryptocurrencies or digital currencies for other assets, such as conventional fiat money or other digital currencies. A cryptocurrency exchange can be a market maker that typically takes the bid-ask spreads as a transaction commission for is service or, as a matching platform, simply charges fees. Source:Wikipedia
These exchanges, almost all have a lot of information, with graphics and values that not everyone can understand. Sometimes so much information instead of helping, what it does is confuse users.
[Source: 1 2 34]
In addition, most exchanges use a section called "wallet", it is a place where the user has stored their cryptocurrencies, the use of the site is conditioned to the user must have money in this portfolio. That is, for a user to exchange cryptocurrencies in an exchange, the user is required to have their currencies in the portfolio associated with that exchange. Either to send cryptocurrencies or to receive them.
As a security measure, exchanges also have a series of policies for user identification. And it applies the so-called "Know Your Customer (KYC)", forcing the user to verify his account, not only by writing a user profile, but this profile must be real, because he requests a photo and a user identification document, Whether it is a passport or an identity card, there are users that, for them, to remain completely anonymous is really important.

OnePageX: is a true exchange of cryptocurrencies

What is OnePageX: ?

One Page Exchange (OnePageX: ) is a very practical cryptocurrency exchange, where users can change their cryptocurrencies without any complications.
The vision of OnePageX: is to make simple and quick for the user the exchange and conversion of cryptocurrencies, when and where he wants. Being able to choose between more than 140 different cryptopoints.
OnePageX is the simplest cryptocurrency exchange with a wide selection of cryptocurrencies. The name OnePageX is short for OnePageExchange. The philosophy behind OnePageX is to simplify the process of trading and converting cryptocurrencies. OnePageX does not require any registration. Simply pick your cryptocurrency of choice and get started!. Source

How does it work?

With OnePageX: , exchange cryptocurrencies in Easy

The Process is only three steps:
1.- Choose Assets to Convert:
  • The cryptocurrency that will change, for now is only Bitcoin (soon Steem and many more). And put the amount, in parentheses will come the range of amount of cryptocurrencies that the user can change.
  • The cryptocurrency that you will receive, selections among more than 140 cryptocurrencies.
2.- Enter a withdrawal address:
Place the address of the wallet where you will receive your cryptocurrencies. It should be noted that OnePageX: does not require the user to use a specific wallet.
3.- Click "Start Exchange":
Then you can deposit the bitcoins you want to change in the account indicated, and wait. You can track the transaction at all times.

OnePageX: will keep you informed of the status of your transaction at all times

Thanks to the transaction status indicators

Freshly created transaction card.
Bitcoin sent, awaiting 2 confirmations.
Exchange is complete! Starting Withdrawal.
Withdrawal Complete! The transaction is done.

Benefits of OnePageX:
Without registration:
To use OnePageX: you do not need to make any type of registration. The user is not obliged to give his real name, nor have to send any identification document. Certainly to track a transaction from start to finish, OnePageX: opens a new session, each time you want to make a transaction, generating a "url" by which the user can track the operation. For which the user should only save the url, and copy and paste when you want to verify the status of your transaction.
Since OnePageX: has a simple and direct interface, that is, it takes the user directly to what he should do, exchange cryptocurrencies. And the speed of the operation will finally depend on the release of the cryptocurrency by the user, and its confirmation in the blockchain network.
Multiple Coins:
OnePage covers a wide range of cryptocurrencies to perform operations, and although all are currently related to bitcoin, OnePageX: is making an effort to include even more cryptocurrencies, among them the STEEM.

Transaction tracking indicators
OnePageX: allows the user to be aware of the process of their transaction throughout the process.

OnePageX: Widget

OnePageX: Box
OnePageX: makes the code available to include a OnePageX: widget to your website. Providing practicality and benefits not only to the owner of the website, but to customers and users of the site.
OneBox is a turnkey solution for embedding OnePageX on your website. Visit the OneBox link via the navigation bar and simply copy the provided code into your template. OneBox is both desktop and mobile friendly, offering the full functionality of OnePageX in a single frame. A public API is in development and will be released once ready. Source

Case of use

Technological Solutions Company
The HELP & INOVATIONS corporation is a technological company specializing in help solutions for people with disabilities. The technical team has developed software to facilitate the interaction of users with motor disability in the upper extremities and with loss of vision. The software is already very advanced, however they have had problems with the web pages of some cryptocurrency exchanges, it is a lot of information to program in standard sounds, and there are also many buttons to perform some function. That is, many objects that hinder programming and functionality. Then the team meets OnePageX: , is exactly what they were looking for, a practical, simple and direct interface. Where customers can interact and change cryptocurrencies without any problem.

Mr. X is the pseudonym of a millionaire philanthropist who donates to many charitable foundations in complete anonymity. No one knows who he is, some believe he is a sports star, a famous artist or even some think he is an influential politician. But the truth is that there is no way to know who he is. For this. Mr. X. He has left bags with millions of dollars, simply with a card signed by Mr. X. A week ago a foundation to help children with cancer asked for help for whoever wants to do it. But with the exception that the donations will be received in cryptocurrencies. Mr. X wants to donate and help the children, but he does not know how to do it without compromising his identity. Until you get OnePageX: , without records and without complications. Mr. X and OnePageX: the perfect combination to help many.

Conclusions and Personal Thoughts

Traditional cryptocurrency exchanges have many algorithms, information and functions. They can act as a news channel about cryptocurrencies, sometimes they are alarms like an alarm clock with their notifications, sometimes they are financial advisers, they look like immigration police asking for identification documents, with like your mom that you have to carry the money in your wallet of cryptocurrencies. But at the time of performing its main function, that of being an exchange of cryptocurrencies are a bit confusing and complicated.
One PageX stands out because it knows very well what is its function and vision, making operations practical, easy and simple. As it should be, it's like changing a $ 100 bill for two $ 50 bills. It must be quick, easy, without complications. That is the vision of OnePageX: to make what must be simple, still easy to do.
OnePageX: only exchanges cryptocurrencies, but it does it very well!!.

More Information and Resources

OnePageX Website OnePageX FAQ OnePageX OneBox OnePageX Steemit OnePageX Reddit OnePageX Twitter OnePageX Instagram
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HOW TO SET CLOCK ON YOUR DESKTOP - YouTube How to Add a Clock to the Desktop in Windows 7 - YouTube Setup Tech #2 - LaMetric Smart Clock - YouTube Best Windows 7 Desktop Customization [Clock and Weather ... Best Desktop Digital Clock for Displays in Windows 10 ...

bitcoin gadget free download - Hotel Gadget, Alarm Clock Gadget Plus, Bitcoin sCrypt, and many more programs Bitcoin Ticker - Tick by tick, real time updates. All data is indicative. Options Last Updated: seconds : Time between graph updates : ms: Play sound on each trade . Round Bids/Asks to 0.500 . Animate Depth Movements . Highlight BTC bids/asks above : Alert if price falls below: Alert if price climbs above: Alert if price change +/- : Sound Alert . Desktop Alert . Show Personalized Content ... Durch einen simplen Doppelklick werden die Gadgets auf Ihrem Desktop angezeigt und lassen sich dort beliebig anordnen. Windows 10: Gadgets installieren. Im nächsten Praxistipp zeigen wir Ihnen, wie Sie mehrere Desktops unter Windows 10 öffnen. Sollten Sie individuelle Hilfe bei der Nutzung der Desktop-Gadgets benötigen, dann wenden Sie sich an die Experten im CHIP Forum. Neueste Windows ... How BitTab Windows Desktop Crypto Ticker Price Widget App Works. The BitTab widget contains a condition alarm that alerts its subscribed users when their selected coins meet their requirements so that they never miss an opportunity for investment when it presents itself. Users simply search the coin they want, and then add the coin to their wallets or wish list and all the information about ... Mit der kostenlosen Software "Win10 Widgets" holen Sie sich unter Windows 10 Widgets auf den Desktop. Damit behalten Sie wichtige Daten zu Ihrer Hardware immer im Blick und haben das Wetter und ...

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How to make a desktop widget in visual basic 2010 express _____ In this video i make a widget clock wh... A really easy way to pull dashboard widgets right onto your desktop. Dev Mode On Terminal Code: defaults write devmode YES && killall Dock Dev Mode Off Terminal Code: defaults ... People are having issues with the Snippage.air file so I zipped up the contents of the actual program files folder and here is a direct link off my google dr... How to create widgets on desktop for cryptocurrency price check. Use the sites coincapmarket as example. -Download and Install Adobe Air. Here to official si... Digital clock widget is a home screen digital time and date widget for Android. We try to build the best digital clock widget in the Play Store. Feel free to download, enjoy and give us feedback.